It’s important to consider how we can incorporate technology into our education as technology becomes more integral to our lives. Technology and math can assist students in learning more effectively, participate in interactive lessons and increase their understanding of math concepts.

In classrooms where students struggle with in concentrating or engaging using technology, it can be used to assist them in becoming more active learners. This could be in the form of a virtual whiteboard or interactive tools that enable students to work in teams. Online learning platforms such as Math Minds, for example utilize a variety of innovative tools to help students engage with their lessons and improve participation.

This is especially helpful in maths where students learn in different ways. This is particularly useful in mathematics, where students learn differently. Some students may struggle to comprehend concepts visually, while others prefer learning in a tactile and auditory method. Using technology to teach math can ensure that each student is getting the most value out of their lessons.

Mathematical technology allows students to solve problems more quickly than is possible in a traditional classroom. Graphing calculators allow students to solve problems with the touch of a button and they can visualise solutions. This aids them in gaining a deeper understanding about the fundamentals of math and connect concepts that would be difficult to comprehend otherwise.

Using Math and Technologies in the Classroom