Chloride valves for cylinders and containers

METALORAD d.o.o. Valjevo has been producing chloride valves for cylinders and containers from 1992. They are manufactured in accordance with the DIN 477 standard (conical insertion fitting by which it is marked W28.8×1/14 ² ), and the production control is performed in accordance with the JUS EN 849/98 standard.

It was according to this fact that the REPUBLIC OF SERBIA , MINISTRY OF MINING AND ENERGY issued a production permit to the METALORAD d.o.o. company (permit acknowledgment no. 314-02-40/01-05).

Based on this production permit, each chloride valve produced in METALORAD is sold along with a “PRODUCT QUALITY MANUFACTUROR’S CERTIFICATE” to confirm that the valve is fit for further application.

W28.8×1/14 ² and W1 ² x116 chloride valves have been widely used in chloride filling plants and water plants all across Serbia and Ex-Yugoslavia.

Isolation chloride valve

Isolation chloride valve serves is connected to the outlet piping connection of W28.8×1/14 ² chloride valve (W1²x8G-ISO 5145; outgoing gas flow – Cl2).

All other chloride installations such as flexible tubes and chloride distributors are further connected to the isolation chloride valve (flexible tubes and chloride distributors are also manufactured in METALORAD).

Outlet piping connections and all necessary W1²x8G accessory tools are manufactured in accordance to ISO 5145 standard.