There are many excellent books on programming and Web development regardless of whether you’re learning to code or are a professional software developer. These books will provide the latest technologies and fundamentals to help you become an expert programmer.

The Self-Taught Programmer How I Learned To Program by Cory Althoff

This book offers a compelling and honest account of the author’s self-taught journey as a developer, offering tips and tricks that have helped him succeed in his professional career. This book is essential to learn more about the possibility of pursuing software engineering as a career.

A comprehensive guide to front-end Web development, this book will teach HTML, CSS and JavaScript with simple-to-follow examples that are suitable for beginners with no prior programming experience. Its full-color pages are filled with illustrations and diagrams to help explain complex concepts.

Web developers depend on these programming languages to create websites and web-based applications. Those who work in the back-end part of a website are responsible for the functionality of the website, whereas those in the front-end are concerned with the design and layout. This book is an essential source for any web designer.

The New PHP and MySQL Modern Server-Side Website Development

This well-known book explains how to use PHP and MySQL to overcome the basic problems of server-side programming. It’s an essential read not just for beginners in web development but also for experienced programmers websites who are seeking to take their skills to the next level.

The Clean Coder is a must-read for anyone who wants to write more efficiently and efficiently. The author suggests prolonged periods of intense concentration to produce outstanding results.

Books About Programming and Web Development