Avast game mode is a distinct feature that disables certain aspects of the antivirus program to free up resources and enhance performance while you are playing games. It automatically detects games you unveil and optimizes their performance to ensure they get the highest performance. It lets you customize it, so you can add specific games to its „whitelist“ to ensure that they are always receiving the resources required.

In addition to optimizing PC settings, the game mode disables various background processes and mutes notifications generated by https://computersimpleblog.org/is-avast-premium-security-worth-it Avast or Windows, as well as it pauses Windows updates to let you play without interruption. It also prioritizes CPU resources and optimizes them to give you the best gaming experience.

As opposed to the traditional antivirus software Avast Game Mode is specifically made for gamers and offers gamers with a more enjoyable gaming experience. Its intelligent system recognizes when a game is being played and stops resource-intensive tasks like updates or scans to minimize interference. This allows the computer to devote more of its resources to your game, which results in faster loading times and enhanced game play.

It is accessible in the Avast software as a component that is able to be disabled or activated via its user interface. It is accessible by going to User Interface > Settings and selecting „Components“. Then you can either check or uncheck the box following „Game Mode. Even if you disable Avast’s Game Mode, the real-time security will remain in place.

Avast Game Mode