After they have managed to assist the lady, Sumi put up romantic thinking for the your but chooses to not state the girl love

Very first, Kazuya is pushy for the Ruka. After the guy revealed one to she thought Chizuru to get a good rental-girlfriend, he attempted to lie to the woman to eradicate any possible worry out of the lady gossiping about their bogus matchmaking. Ruka had misconceptions you to Kazuya try a shallow people; person who just wished to experience the sense of having a soulmate. After Kazuya stored the lady of a trip and you can provided away conditions off genuine passion, she actually starts to opened toward your.

Her updates made it with the intention that the girl cardio does not overcome as the timely just like the a routine individual. It had been simply after Kazuya protected her, one she believed since if sticking with him may be the you’ll be able to provider. After, she pertains to undertake that it’s actually unrequited love she sensed into the your and tries to come across a method to independent one another him and you will Chizuru so as that their to have your all the to have by herself. Ruka had also gone far to prevent the woman occupations because the an excellent local rental girlfriend and you can implemented Kazuya to be effective in identical relatives karaoke with him. So it manipulative feelings always makes Kazuya’s perception into the Chizuru as crumbled due to their appeal. In the event Kazuya usually managed to pull themselves back once again to continue his attitude for the Chizuru.

Sumi Sakurasawa

As per request by the Chizuru, Kazuya went towards the a practice go out that have Sumi. To start with, he had problems adjusting to help you the girl once they very first satisfied, due to how shut and you can timid she is actually. The guy tried providing the woman to relax and play factors to aid this lady, but in order to no get; always finish which have they both becoming ashamed out-of exactly how romantic they get to bemunicating having signal vocabulary, facial words and you can minimal speaking, Kazuya noticed that this woman is trying their greatest adjust by herself and you may let the girl during the achieving her purpose; a stride immediately.

The woman is willing to help Kazuya as he is during you want, especially when he need advice for his and you can Chizuru’s relationships.

Yoshiaki Kibe

A near youth buddy out-of Kazuya. It realized each other way back inside preschool. Kazuya is usually underneath the assault out of Kibe’s vicious but friendly comments towards people he is once.

He, Kazuya and Shun will hang out together in school or immediately after they. Because the guy understands his granny, Kazuya and you will Chizuru must carry on the fresh bogus relationship, making sure that its grandmothers’ do not learn the insights.

For the coastline travel, Kibe realized that Kazuya is having condition writing about Mami’s separation rather than considering Chizuru’s perception. Consequently, Kibe is actually outraged from the Kazuya’s conclusion and called him out to possess becoming indecisive. Even after unsure the true nature away from Kazuya and you may Chizuru’s matchmaking, he stuck-up having him as a friend and you can presented he cared about your of the speaking with Chizuru from the resettling the connection having Kazuya.

Since he could be ignorant out-of Kazuya and you will Chizuru’s real dating, Kibe was blissfully unaware of exactly how their tips i where Kazuya did without having any concept of the results.

Ignore Kuribayashi

Kazuya’s friend out of school. The guy, Kazuya, and you will Kibe often spend time together in school otherwise just after it. Identical to Kibe, the guy and additionally wants to discuss Kazuya’s adventures with girlfriends.

Their relationship with Shun nearly are ripped aside whenever Kazuya is swept up having Ruka and you may got damaged for the lady once the their local rental girlfriend. But Kazuya in a position to amend which by making Avoid so you’re able to book Chizuru once the a keen apology, which have zero choice but so you can spirits your you to actually the woman is their leasing girlfriend, maybe not the genuine that. Shun is actually touched by this and assured to save Kazuya and you can Chizuru’s link to feel a secret.

After they have managed to assist the lady, Sumi put up romantic thinking for the your but chooses to not state the girl love