One minute you think you’re talking to a cute guy, and the next he reveals he likes vanilla ice-cream and ketchup. Only goes to show how unpredictable people are. This funny ice breaker question for dating will make sure you and your match share a laugh. Take common tech terms and turn them into ultimate funny ice breakers for online dating your match will never forget. You downloaded the app your best friend recommended. You obsessed over the right photos, and finally settled on a handful of your favorite—and most attractive Instagram shots.

Besides, questions are the best way to engage her in a conversation, unlike typical compliments. Try some of these online dating conversation starters for the next time you’re talking to someone you don’t know. I was on Clover for quite some time but had forgotten it even existed until I started to throw this list together. Clover says it has nearly 6 million users, 85 percent of whom are between the ages of 18 and 30.

“If we have time to match, we have time to chat. Let’s sort it out.”

However, good ice breaker questions for online dating give you the perfect opportunity to voice your thoughts. You can always use this question to understand what sort of person you’re talking to. This is actually quality of great ice breaker questions for dating — you could figure out whether you’re dating a workaholic, or a creative genius. Considering the short window that dating apps provide, the first text you send is the most important.

“Quickfire answer, cats or dogs?”

Those may be your plans too in a short while. If you are a travel bug, this is a question you must ask. It not only gives you an idea as to what experiences excite them, but it is also an excellent source of travel inspiration to help you plan your future trips. It is casual enough to get the attention of the person you are interested in while being open enough to lead to a much deeper conversation. Don’t worry, your search for love does not have to turn into a full-on research paper. The poll can be any random “this-or-that” game that you come up with on the spot.

These are 50 flirty conversation starters that you can use to kickstart a conversation with your dating site matches. You can copy and paste them if you like or you can make a few tweaks. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to check out our other articles that will help guide you through what to do next. Because – after all – a conversation starter is only the start of things.

Using funny online dating icebreakers can help you make a good first impression and not get lost in the other messages in the inbox. Whenever you start with a joke or a quirky question, your match will appreciate that you approached first and put effort into writing something creative. Learn how to start a dating app conversation like a pro with our tips and examples.

Use open-ended questions

You should keep your own answer ready as well because she’ll want to continue the conversation for sure. Simplicity is a hallmark of great ice breaker questions for dating. How to Create an Online Dating Profile that Truly Represents Who You Are If you’re ready to dive into the world of dating apps, it’s time to create an online dating profile.

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Paying for things you love becomes an expensive affair over time. And you won’t believe how much paperbacks cost. If I had it my way, all books would be free. This is an excellent question, because it will tell you what she likes doing with her time. Once she replies with a dish, you can text, “What a coincidence, I love that! I’d like it even more if you’d cook it for me someday.” It’s super smooth and you’ll have her blushing on the other end.

You’ve met someone online, and you’ve got a date in the diary. Instead of just asking what their favorite movie is, ask about characters from their favorite shows or movies they felt the most like. After this, do some research on the character if you don’t already know it, and you should have an idea of who you are dealing with. It could be anything from pop culture drama to political events.

Of course, your heart can wait longer (because you’ve never met, duh). But this is a really cute, flirty opener that might even melt their heart. In this article, we’re going to run you through 50 of the best (and flirtiest!) conversation starters. So to help you get over the hump, we’ve curated a list of 75 fun and flirty icebreakers for dates.

15 Best Online Dating Icebreakers To Not Be Left On Read